Getting Started with Zend 2 Framework by Shamit Khemka

This Webinar was intended to give a complete introduction for using Zend Framework 2 to identify and create database driven web application using the Model-View-Controller paradigm. To give a complete understanding of a ZF2 application, Shamit Khemka illustrated CRUD functions in ZEND 2 with basic examples. As for a PHP developer, Zend Framework provides a number of ready-to-use components to improve your application’s security.

Shamit Khemka is the founder & CEO of SynapseIndia, a premier IT outsourcing company in India. He leads a team of IT experts and architects that focuses on developing and presenting best Web & Mobile Development solutions to the Enterprises for better business performance across the globe.


Shamit Khemka EO Regional Director Shares ISB Year 3 Future Thinkers & Leaders

ISB conducted a summit for Future Thinkers & Leaders in which various Entrepreneurs from Entrepreneurs’ Organization were part of it. SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka captured few moments from the summit of future leaders of corporate world along with the entrepreneurs.

Benefits of Working at NSEZ Noida

NSEZ, Noida – A great place to work for IT professionals, Noida Special Economic Zone (NSEZ) has been attracting many IT professionals because of its well developed IT infrastructure, security & several amenities including ATMs, food courts & much more. From eco-friendly workplaces to security arrangements and more are the benefits that professionals working at NSEZ avail.

Benefits of Working in NSEZ

  • Good ambience with access to the world-class functionality, technology and aesthetics for employees
  • Sector-specific infrastructure for Software organizations
  • Eco-friendly workplaces for health & well-being of working employees
  • Fun filled and friendly environment with better professionals around
  • Full-fledged security for all offices i.e. security guards and surveillance cameras in each office, high security at main gate of NSEZ
  • 3 times meals in proper Industrial canteens and food courts
  • Strategically located near to Greater Noida and Noida, easily commutable i.e. nearby metro station, public transport like buses and shared/personal autos
  • Lots of IT and Non IT companies there in NSEZ that makes area live for 24 X 7 hrs
  • In close vicinity to Malls
  • Very good residential area with easy access to famous local markets

SynapseIndia also has its registered office in Noida Special Economic Zone which is built with latest amenities and technologies to provide best in class services to working employees.

SynapseIndia has been Selected as Best Software Company to Work by SiliconIndia

Started in 2000, SynapseIndia has set up itself as one of the best IT organization in India. The best in class services offered by SynapseIndia CMMI level 3 organization are – programming development, web design & development, mobile application development, e-Commerce web development, and some more.

SynapseIndia has been picked as the best IT organization to work for by SiliconIndia. The June issue of month to month magazine of SiliconIndia perceived India’s Pioneer IT Outsourcing organization, SynapseIndia with the prestigious crown for the longing IT graduates and experienced individuals to pursue down. SiliconIndia recorded best organizations to work for in unmistakable extents and SynapseIndia was recognizes the top in region of Software Development Industry.

SynapseIndia offers gigantic positive circumstances and a fun, inviting & immovable working environment with open portals and open people. organization’s work society is something that is truly astounding, and it is one of the Goliath reasons that SynapseIndia staff consider it as one of the best organization to work with.

The Bigger Picture – What SynapseIndia goes on to the table

Beneath specified are few points that make SynapseIndia the best workplace as:

1. Working alongside the following with a fun, continuing and welcoming team people and organization, in a drawing in and segment environment

2. Getting some experience concerning most recent & profitable developments & programming languages from the experts

3. Being locked in to serve the major clients of SynapseIndia the way you’d should be served

4. Flexibility to fortify advancement & take after your own specific individual technique for working

5. Development opportunities and training programs focused on individual and master development of employees

6. Feel pride and satisfaction of adding to the social causes as a touch of corporate social commitments

7. Yielding & offering examinations with no faltering to accessories and authorities

8. Regular meetings to discuss team operations, assignments or any issue

9. Modify employee advantage groups, adaptable timings & wellbeing activities

10. Celebrations are something we make usually, from a gathering on some little achievement to an employee’s life events & organization wide yearly event, we perceive all.

11. Having some staggering times at Work!

Open entryways for Growth

Excitement for web & mobile application development continues developing, and SynapseIndia is there to deal with the demand. Finishing targets by making top quality progress & business arrangements will take innovativeness, commitment and unmistakably the devotion to development. This is the inspiration driving why SynapseIndia arrangements unmistakable kind of trainings for employees. By this, SynapseIndia has wound up selecting, advancement arranging and master development program for its future pioneers. Every single illustrative gets a proportionate opportunity to succeed at SynapseIndia – notwithstanding to their age, training, sexual orientation, etc.

SynapseIndia needs to make a pulled in learning environment that advances self-motivation, and to finish the same they urge staff to take ownership for their work. The organization help their representatives who need to perform their potential in their vocation goals .

Distinctive persons who join SynapseIndia end up building long term, beneficial explanations behind living at the organization by comprehension the gigantic opportunities to learn and make.

The Benefits of Becoming a Team Member

SynapseIndia’s employee benefits are not only a way to deal with oversee back center values that join satisfaction, client satisfaction and Excellence, its the goliath thing to do. Underneath showed are a couple employee benefits offered by the organization:

1. Medical benefits

2. Accidental Insurance

3. Paid Time Off

4. Leaves of Absence

5. Master Training Program

6. Flexible work timings

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Top Attributes of SynapseIndia Recruitment that makes a World-class Work Force Organization

There’s an innovation driven transformation happening in Recruitment nowadays. It’s called self-service and it gives employees more control over their vocations. Basically, self-service gives individuals control over numerous capacities that used to be taken care of by recruitment team. With a private log-in, employees can now deal with their own particular payroll and, retirement plans and other learning and development tools, book on-line courses and other learning and development tools , engage and be social with colleagues on intranets, and just for the most part deal with their own particular work lives to a degree that was previously impossible. This leads to more engaged, empowered and productive teams.

“SynapseIndia self-service is a key development in building and holding a work-class workforce. It is a key administration and learning tool. It is the thing that the future resembles” also added by CEO Shamit Khemka on SynapseIndia Recruitment plans.

Self-service is not a viable replacement for savvy hiring. It can take brilliant employing to another level, however never at any point overlook that enlisting is what really matters in HR and recruitment. Along these lines, we should do a fast refresher on the five most important attributes to look to for when building a world-class group of expert:

1. Talent: There is essentially not a viable replacement for ability. Expert individuals bring thoughts, suddenness, development, spark, and motivation to your association. Ability is priceless, it is the heart and soul of an awesome organization.

2. Passion: Passion drives greatness. Passion is contagious. An enthusiastic worker will go the additional mile – to say the very least. At the point when procuring, search for individuals who have intriguing characteristics in their resumes, who are enthusiastic about mountain climbing, . An enthusiastic individual brings fire, heart and motivation to your association and culture.

3. Attitude: There is nothing as invigorating and inspiring as somebody with an upbeat, kind, liberal identity. They are one of the establishments of a world-class workforce. Individuals with an uplifting state of mind are open to instruction, excited to develop, create, grow their aptitude set and convey stellar performance.

4. Aptitude: For a few jobs, abilities are what really matters. IT and other complex frameworks request up-to-the-nanosecond skill. Yes, ability can be prepared, yet to stay ahead of the game you require a workforce imbued with hands-on expertise, loaded with individuals who are connected to what is occurring now and have their heartbeat on tomorrow. They must can rapidly ace the most current developments. This obliges inclination and the certainty it spreads.

Shamit Khemka owned SynapseIndia‘s Recruitment team hire people with these four attributes and then empower them with self-service technology – and you will soon find yourself on the way to building an ever-evolving, stellar-performing, world-class workforce.

How SynapseIndia Research & Development Team Managing Mobile Friendly Website

Buyers today use their mobile phones to get to online data and information. They have particular cravings in convenience, flexibility and adaptability. Most associations now, both small and large, consider site improvement outsourcing much in the same way they outsource whatever other kind of software development.

The yearly trade shows that advancement of new developments have achieved the creating impact of eagerness for cell phones. Users are presently interfacing with the associations through adaptable resources. CEO Shamit Khemka also adds that for managing the mobile environment, the site improvement process needs to be outsourced.

Today, the general customers utilize a mobile phone or tablet PC to access online information, product and services consistently. They have raised prerequisites on convenience, versatility and adaptability to their own specific needs. These select necessities have set associations in a position to anticipate site advancement outsourcing as a segment of their general arrangement course of action. To be concentrated in the business focus, associations make their products, organization, information and resources available direct to the customer on their site. The site can never again be an insipid spread sheet as was done years back. It must serve as a full limit resource for purchasers.

An essential part included in the advancement of a site is the security viewpoint. Right when working with an outsourced site advancement team, they will moreover ensure your system security is situated up. The general populace that adjusts the online site structures for email messages, reviews, and lead period is getting to programming on the association. Potential risk of security bursts are thwarted with site architects to ensure association information is secured.

A site is at first form with client needs and strove for affirmation before use. Satisfaction is fulfilled at the time of introduction, however as customer appeals change, then so ought to the movement from the business to the buyer change too. Organizations are developing and users are an endeavor ahead with restrictive prerequisites to satisfy their needs. Sites must grow in the same way to deal with be adequate to what the customer is hunting down.

The application has the purpose of enthusiasm of being with the client everywhere they pass on their wireless or tablet PC. As it is on the home screen, it can be clicked no sweat. The information and inputs are sorted out to the more diminutive mobile screen. The mobile application has made access to a couple web services less difficult and more beneficial. SynapseIndia CEO Shamit Khemka believes that research and development ensures that mobile environment has been consolidated in a right way to the web development process.

SynapseIndia Events Help Employees in Strong Bonding With Team Member

SynapseIndia events are organized to guarantee that the team individuals are united and they are urged to cooperate for amicable profitability. The thought is to make sure that the hole between employees is wiped out so they feel close and in organization with one another for a superior and solid environment.

How the corporate events are essential?

The corporate events generally embody diverse sorts of recreations, which help in inciting a feeling of team soul amongst the employees. Without a doubt the employees originate from distinctive fields. They may counter issues confronting obscure individuals and blending with them.

“Corporate team building is conceptualized to guarantee that the team individuals are united and they are taught the lesson of fellowship and team soul so they can work towards accomplishing objectives. The thought is about helping the team individuals to meet up and build up a positive situation” also adds CEO Shamit Khemka.

Corporate events are not only about diverse sorts of entertainments but rather additionally different sorts of carefree events, the motivation behind which is to accomplish objectives of the organization. At the point when an organization is anticipating accomplish objectives, it tries it best to bring all its team individuals together with the goal that they feel a feeling of uprightness in accomplishing objectives.

An organization goes for team building as well as offering them with a target. A considerable measure of things focus the benefit of an organization. It is not just the sort of items that are being made additionally the sort of environment. There must be a solid workplace to guarantee that laborers feel together as a team so they feel the valor to work better.

In this manner, the thought is about promising employees to feel like a team and in a gathering so they work towards accomplishing objective. An organization organizes distinctive sorts of corporate events to guarantee that the team individuals are united and they are urged to cooperate for agreeable efficiency. The thought is to guarantee that the crevice between employees is wiped out so they feel close and in organization with one another for a superior and solid environment.

The SynapseIndia events for the most part involve diverse sorts of team building activities, which help in inciting a feeling of team spirit amongst the employees. Shamit Khemka, CEO & Founder at SynapseIndia encourages team building events & activities like HR connect sessions, team building, picnic day out and many more in the organizations.